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At Chords & Scales our instrument service is a thorough process of fault detection, correction, key regulation, cleaning with disinfectant and lubrication.

Leak lights and high magnification are used during reassembly to ensure every fault is detected and corrected. We carry a large range of pads, springs and other spare parts to ensure a quick remedy to most problems.

We also use pressure measurement technology on flutes and clarinets to deliver the best possible result. Some leaks are smaller than the width of a human hair but will have an effect during the playing of the instrument. We can detect and correct those leaks. All woodwind & brass instruments should be serviced at least once each year. Pads wear, grease & oil dry out, springs break, keys become bent and corrosion builds up on metal parts. These are all fixed during the service process.

The service process on instruments will take 2 - 3 days to complete.

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