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Clarinet Repairs

clarinet repairs perth

Regular cleaning of your clarinet is essential

The clarinet is a tube of five sections joined together with holes that are opened and closed using more than 20 keys. This action of sealing the holes must be air tight perfect every time they are closed and they must spring open again ... even at speeds of 2 or 3 times per second. We can detect and repair faults that stop your clarinet from playing perfectly every time.

Flute Repairs

flute repairs perth

A perfectly sounding flute is only a phone call away.

Your flute should be assembled properly each time, cleaned after playing & stored safely in the case. Despite these good intentions your flute may suffer some damage or wear that affects your playing. We can detect the cause of even the slightest fault and correct or repair the problem so that you can get back to playing beautiful music.

Saxophone Repairs

saxophone tuning repairs and servicing

Quality and Professional Saxophone Repairs By an Experienced Professional

Saxophones have a complicated key mechanism where many parts must work in unison. If all the parts aren’t working as they should your saxophone can sound just like a kazoo or worse just silent. Saxophone repairs require patience, skill, precision, the right parts and tools - we do it all.

Trumpet Repairs

trumpet and brass instrument repairs

Never had your trumpet serviced?

Brass instruments are made of tubing manufactured to a specific length, bore size & taper. Valves are engineered to make the tubing longer or shorter to create the different sounds. The art of repairing brass instruments is to reverse the damage to its correct dimensions using proper parts and techniques.

Violin & Cello

Improve your violin or cello setup – just contact Chords & Scales

The violin & cello are fragile instruments which come in different sizes, can be played well if the strings are in tune, nothing is loose or worn out and the bridge and soundpost are the correct heights and in the right place. Your bridge is custom made to fit your instrument.